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Appreciating Dance

"Robert de Warren is a wonderful, charismatic voice from the dance world, who delivers our history with great style and panache!" - Julie Kent (Former Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theater & Artistic Director of The Washington Ballet)


Robert de Warren's lectures on dance are constantly updated, and they cover multimedia presentations from the Birth of Ballet in the 16th Century to the New Language of Dance in the 21st Century, as well as the most up-to-date trends. Lectures for the fall of 2018 are available now. View some of his lecture titles today. Contact us today to learn more about booking.

Rudolf Nureyev, Personal Memories of a Genius - Lecture Series
Nureyev was a close friend to Robert and Jacqueline. This memoir shares material until now held private. Nureyev had a wonderful and generous side to his personality unknown to most, even those closest to him. He was a great influence on Robert's artistic life.

Nureyev so enjoyed working with Robert's Northern Ballet that he became Artist Laureate, an exclusive honor. He performed a varied repertoire in our productions, including the Tchaikovsky Trilogy of "Swan Lake," "Sleeping Beauty," and "The Nutcracker." He also danced in "Miss Julie" by Brigitte Cullberg, "The Lesson" by Flemming Flindt, "Les Sylphides" (mounted by Dame Alicia Markova), and Robert's own production of "Coppelia." He was an inspiration to the young company who cherished his presence and advice. We would often enjoy a fun moment after a performance, whether in England, France, Italy, or anywhere else.

Ballet Tutoring

(FROM FALL 2018)


AUDITIONS & COMPETITIONS                                    Artistic and technical instruction. Unique tutoring that will prepare young dancers for successful competitions and auditions.

PROFESSIONAL DANCERS                                            Artistic, technical and stylistic coaching for single variations or acomplete ballet interpretations - in multiple styles.

BALLET TEACHERS & BALLET MASTERS         The Pedagogic Approach: understanding the development of: Artistry, Technique, Musicality and Style, to achieve the highest satandards in professional dance education and performance.

Nureyev in Swan Lake

Nureyev danced in Robert's designed Swan Lake. It was nominated for the BAFTA - Sir Lawrence Olivier Award for best designer, scenery and costumes.

Elizabeth Maurin and Nureyev in Swan Lake

In Swan Lake with Paris Opera Ballet etoile Elizabeth Maurin.


These classes are by appointment only. Mr. de Warren offers private coaching or semi-private lessons for girls and boys in groups of not more than four dancers for best results. FREE AUDITIONS BY REQUEST.


Classes are offered in Sarasota, Florida, for Central Florida, or by invitation, within the State for short periods. Courses are also offered nationally or internationally at your organization, by arrangement . Please contact us for all information. Remote and PayPal available.

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